Monday, May 28, 2007

SeaLife DC 500

Do you like taking pictures under water? I like taking pictures of creatures under water and I have had a nice but not very high quality camera to do that. However, recently I have found the new SeaLife DC 500 that helps me make pictures under water. This new gadget has a new "Shark Mode" which helps you make sharper pictures of moving objects. Besides, it will make the pictures faster then a usual model. This way you will always get sharp images of moving objects. For example if a big fish passes by you will be able to take about ten pictures really quick and then choose one that you like the most. The "Shark Mode" is a very useful thing because all the fishes and the diver himself are in a constant move and having a good camera is one of the main features if you want to get a good result. Besides, making pictures under water is somewhat difficult and the camera helps you in other ways too. This gadget sets the automatic Sea exposure mode which will make the pictures more colorful and the pictures you take will be sharper. The light in the water is different then in the air so the camera adjusts the exposure and makes it shorter. Besides all that, the camera has a really good quality pictures because of its 5 mega pixel CCD. It also works on the surface too. When you make shots on the land the camera readjusts the exposure back to normal and it is ready to take high quality pictures on land. It takes good sport pictures thanks to the "Shark Mode". This camera has auto focus to 6 cm ( 2.3 inches) The good thing about this device is that it has a total zoom of 12 X. Well 3 X optical zoom and 4 X digital zoom. In order to see the pictures it has a big 2 inch LCD display. The main feature of this camera is that it can shoot up to 60 meters below the water surface which is 200 feet. It has lithium rechargeable battery and it will last very long. Having a battery like this you can shoot for hours in a row. You can buy some more accessories to this gadget. You can buy special SeaLife flashes if you are going somewhere very deep or if you want to go into an underwater cave. Moreover, you can buy a Wide Angle Lens that will allow you to make panoramic pictures. Having all that this camera can still amaze you. Guess what? It shoots videos too, and they are with audio. That means that you can make underwater pictures, land pictures and video clips using only one device. I think that it is amazing that one small devise can do all that. After I bought this camera I started liking diving and shooting sea creatures. Now we go to Hawaii every summer to dive and to have fun.

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